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                      Saline wastewater treatment plant of Three-dimensional Pharmaceutical Company under Shanghai Pharm Group —— Upgrading project

                      Project case

                      Saline wastewater treatment plant of Three-dimensional Pharmaceutical Company under Shanghai Pharm Group —— Upgrading project

                      The wastewater treatment plant is located in Xinghuo development area, Fengxian District, Shanghai. The wastewater contains high concentrations of salinity, phenol, ammonia nitrogen and COD, and is difficult to treat using regular techniques. After employing Accele-tech’s upgrading solutions, the plant has successfully and effectively operated for more years.

                      Applying Accele-tech’s unique bacteria strain can solve the technical difficulty when biochemically treating saline wastewater.

                      The comparison in operational condition between before and after installing Accele-tech’s biological fluidized bed in aerobic pond:

                      • Bacteria are in shock condition, SS = 6,000mg/L, SV30 > 90%, biochemical effect is poor, foaming problem is severe.

                      • Accele-tech’s bacteria strains are active and function normally, SS = 10,000mg/L, SV30 = 30%~50%, biochemical pond operates normally.

                      1 month operation data of biochemical treatment system for salty wastewater

                      *The COD concentration in anaerobic pond with salinity of 60,000 to 80,000mg/L reduces from 17,000mg/L to 6,500mg/L.

                      *The COD concentration in aerobic pond with salinity of 30,000mg/L to 40,000mg/L reduces from 7,500mg/L to 3,700mg/L.

                      Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group Model Project
                      Treatment effect of salty wastewater after using Eger strain

                      1. Original water quality:

                        COD: 50000~60000 mg/l

                        Ammonia nitrogen: 4000~5000 mg/l

                        Phenol: 500~800 mg/l

                        Salinity: 30,000~80000mg/l

                      2. Discharge water quality:

                        COD: <50 mg/L

                        Ammonia nitrogen: <30 mg/L

                        Phenol: <0.1 mg/L

                        Salinity: <1000mg/L

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